Office Wander

“ She walks  freely into working space,
yet her feet never touch the ground.
She belongs to no one, to nothing, to nowhere.
A free spirit, a wandering star.

Life is so full of wanders,
In a world bound and demarcated,
Through the imaginary lines of human will,
A wandering soul has come out.
What are you doing? 
What am i doing?

She pass with time from place to place,
A wandering arises in the glance,
Nestles in the heart and imagines the dream. ”

Team Credits: 
Fashion by YOUWEI |
Songmont | lost in echo | LA’FESTIN | MUKZIN | Alberto Zambelli | 
Photography:  Tito Hu
Styling: Xiaoyue Wang
Creative Direction: Yoyo Xie
Talent : Giorgia
MUA: Marco Roscino
Photography Assistant: Jing Wang
Editor: Yoyo Xie