MILAN, IT, SEPTEMBER 13, 2021- On the occasion of Milan Fashion Week 2021, the Milan-based Chinese fashion public relations and marketing agency ALPR is hosting a fashion event entitled INTO DIVERSITY from 27th to 29th September, from 10:30 A.M. to 6:30 P.M. (CEST) in Via Enrico Tazzoli, 13, 20154 Milano, MI. 

The theme of the event starts from the two perspectives of “symbiosis” and “diversity” and combines the two major topics of innovative digitalization and sustainability in the context of the global fashion industry, through the art of simplification and in-depth details. It also conveys the reflection of fashion brands on the post-epidemic era and their prospects for the future. The past and the future, consciousness and existence, technology and nature, multiple cultures coexisting.

The brands and designers taking part in the event are: Alberto Zambelli, Coliac, lost in echo, MUKZIN密扇, YOUWEI有尾, i.jiji, Christopher Raxxy, and Christian Angelo. 

Alberto Zambelli

The Italian high-end ready-to-wear brand was born in 2013, advocating for minimalist decoration, committed to creating a clothing series that reflects the aesthetics of “Made in Italy” and the soul of haute couture.
Out of reflection on the pollution of the ecological environment, the display area of Alberto Zambelli took the inspiration from the Italian painter Botticelli’s masterpiece “The Birth of Venus”, extracting the ocean elements in the painting, using music and projection that combines the triple sensations of hearing, vision and touch for creating an immersive experience. 


An Italian shoe brand designed by Martina Grasselli, the product combines masculine design with feminine exquisite details. The Fernanda pearl shoes are a great display of the brand’s aesthetics.
In this event, the brand will show the delicate and feminine side of shoes in a simple and bright tones. 

lost in echo

With the advent of the post-epidemic era, the relationship between people and space has undergone tremendous changes. The Chinese avant-garde accessory brand lost in echo reorganizes the relationship between space and people in the future by using space oddity as the theme to explore the spirit of freedom in time and space. 

Through the re-texturing of the past and the future, the use of time deconstruction creates a more immersive art exhibition mode. Expanding the boundary of time and space, the brand also expresses the avant-garde spatial sense of the past as the future. 


Born in 2014, MUKZIN shaped the “China-Chic” style with Chinese traditional clothing style and  the emerging trends.
The display area of MUKZIN takes “The Return of the Knights” as the main theme and draws inspiration from the films related to “Xia Culture” by using neon lights and street signs to construct an Asian streetscape, showing the tribute to the people with courage and dedication.


YOUWEI有尾, a women’s clothing brand founded by Momo. Z in 2014, injects self-expression into contemporary womenswear.

Perfection is only an illusion, but a mess too. The theme of the exhibition ‘Sorry, I screwed up’ shows the essence of fashion with a playful attitude. By bringing a dramatic sense of stage to life, it breaks the mirage created by current fashion for people, and aims to give fashion more breathing space, urging people to go with the flow and return to the truth. 


i.jiji is a Chinese independent designer brand under WARM STUDIO. The product appearance design is inspired by clay that can be arbitrarily shaped, the blunt shape shows the sense of space and the aesthetics of volume design. The display corner of i.jiji is inspired by the sky and decorated with clouds to create the most natural atmosphere. The light and comfortable space brings purity and a release of pressure.

Christopher Raxxy 

Christopher Raxxy is a Couture down jacket brand founded by designer William Shen and supermodel Fang Jiaping in Milan and Shanghai. The brand display starts from the “Great Wall”, creating an experience with thecharacteristics of national style by building the “Great Wall of the New Era”.