Media coverage: ALPR “Break & Remake 2021” the multi-brand exhibition


Latest magazine: “Break & Remake 2021” the multi-brand exhibition in Milan

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Milan, 25 February 2020 – From 25 February to 11 March ALPR hels an event on the occasion of Milan Fashion Week that combined elements of static display, artistic initiatives and promotional activities.
The event was an immersion in fashion, but also in art, as the exhibition gave space to emerging artists on the international scene through exhibitions and installations. The location was organized in four areas, set up by four artists, and the following brands participated:

Pasotti Ombrelli since 1956

Christopher Raxxy

0711 Tsiblisi

Gagà Milano


Barbara Milano

Coco D’Este

Calchera Gioielli



The Break and Remake 2021” theme was envisioned by the ALPR team and aimed to celebrate the first Fashion Week of the year with an event that will be a hymn to rebirth: repairing or rebuilding is no longer an option, in 2021 the keyword is rebirth. That is, starting from scratch, from the basics, to build a new, different, better reality.
During the event performed Giacomo Prencipe, a contemporary dancer and choreographer who has developed his own artistic path focusing on the functional and organic movement of the body. He explored the connection between art, body and fashion, conveying that aesthetics is only a consequence. Emotions are the engine of rebirth and when expressed in a physical way, through a dance or a fashion object, they give life to a beautiful redemption.
One corner, dedicated to the emerging Chinese brand Christopher Raxxy, was inspired by traditional Chinese culture, the calligraphic illustrations of Whiteteeth works on the theme of “Here in ‘China’ I Dwell” Providing her three works: Chinese ink landscape, auspicious clouds of dragon and phoenix nirvana.
The Argentine-born artist and supermodel Caterina Pezoa, also contributed with her drawings. Curious, spontaneous and natural, her sensitivity and her passion make her a “strong and flexible like a bamboo”.